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 Forum/Group Rules

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PostSubject: Forum/Group Rules   Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:54 am

- No porn. This will result in a deletion and ban. No warnings or chances.
- No spamming.
- No blocking admins.
- Virus links will result in a ban. This also counts under spamming.

> Honesty is appreciated. But use common sense with your honesty.

> Do not treat admins or others like crap just because you don't like them or they angered you.
- No disrespect but you can be honest.

> No admin splitting. If one admin says no to something, don’t ask another for permission.
- Nothing but Bleach related subjects or posts.
- Enjoy and have fun.

> You can share your group if you ask first and allow us to share our group in yours as well. You MUST tag the person who gave you permission to advertise.
- ASK BEFORE you advertise your group.
- In versus debates, don't use the argument you can't see them because that's no fun even though it is the case.
- This is a Bleach group so all aspects of the fandom are allowed within the rules so no bashing people because they like to do something for example shipping.

> Yaoi and Yuri is allowed as ships and fan art, but will be monitored. If an issue were to arise, an admin will delete the entire post altogether.
-You must put *YAOI* or *YURI* before posting it. This is not optional.
-You must put [NO Bashing]. IF someone does so, please alert a VC to get an admin in or Admin themselves, and the post will be deleted. Further actions depend on what happens.
>Recent chapter images, scans, and spoilers aren't allowed for 48 hours after chapter released to give people time to read it.
- Post will be deleted and a warning will be given.
- Don't like Rukia you will be executed by Captain Kyoraku.

>Last but not least no praising the Personification of Evil that is known as Sosuke Aizen. Thank you.

*Suggestive tips:
•If unsure of something, don’t hesitate to ask. If you need to, pm an admin or VC.
•If you feel an admin or VC is getting on your nerves, don’t start accusations or talk down on them. Talk to another admin/VC and we will help resolve any issues.
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Forum/Group Rules
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